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In the midst of the current pandemic, more and more companies are switching to a work from home policy. Now’s the time to ensure that you’re optimizing your experience at home to exercise the most productivity and creativity that you can muster. With the right efforts, you can stay efficient while practicing self-care and mindfulness.

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To overcome these challenging times, here are 6 tips for maintaining good health, contentment and productivity while you’re working from home.

Find a dedicated work space

People often underestimate the importance of having a dedicated work space when it comes to WFH. A huge tip is to avoid as many distractions as possible -and yes, this means keeping cuddles with your pets at a minimum and maybe putting a stop to the baking craze that quarantine may have put you on. It’s essential that you can differentiate between finishing off your work and chilling, because meddling in between would just lead to procrastination and inefficiency. 

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A place where you can ensure your own productivity while still feeling comfortable and focused is important, be it on your living room couch or at your desk at home. 

And of course, you may be wondering -what if I can’t work properly at home? There are plenty of solutions to this. Of course, with the current pandemic going around, cleanliness and hygiene should be placed at utmost priority. However, that is not to say you can’t visit a less crowded local cafe close to your home! And if you’re an outdoor person that enjoys basking in the sunlight and embracing nature, then look for a cafe with outdoor seating, like a patio or a balcony. 

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You can hit two birds with one stone at Jouer’s outdoor seating area, getting your work done and a nice tan!

Find your routine and stick with it

A routine is vital to avoid overloading yourself but at the same time, it helps you practice better time management as well.

Just because you don’t have your usual commuting journey doesn’t mean you should slack off and wake up minutes before you have to be ready in front of the computer. Get up at your normal time, slap on some makeup, and get dressed in some actual work clothes. Though it seems silly, it will really help you get mentally prepared for the day and get into a motivated mindset.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks to keep yourself from burning out. Even better, take this opportunity to pick up on new hobbies, or old ones that you’ve had to sacrifice because of long work hours and commuting times.

Indulge in restaurant-quality food at home

We’ve all heard the famous saying that goes “food is fuel for the brain”, this could not be more true. Take this time during WFH to indulge your food palate with something more sophisticated. 

Jouer Mapo Fusilli

Some may say that cooking is a hassle, but what’s there to complain about with today’s technology and speedy delivery services! Why not save some time from cooking and worrying about what to cook, when you can just browse through online menus for a hearty restaurant-quality meal. Jouer offers same day gourmet delivery perfect for working at home. If you’re looking for something exotic to spice up your mood there’s the Mapo Fusilli Home Office Lunch Set, and for seafood lovers there’s also the Dried Shrimp & Bay Shrimp Linguine.

Take some time out of your day for exercise

Sitting down all day at the desk isn’t very healthy, and if you think about it, you’re spending more time sitting down at home than if you were going to the office. By cutting out commuting time, you really don’t have a reason to leave your chair. 

There is definitely room to defy that reasoning. Make an effort to take a brisk walk, even if it’s just around the house. It’s important to keep your blood circulation moving, and furthermore, this could help you relieve stress and pressure from work. Moving your body will also help correct your posture and improve your flexibility which will definitely see deterioration from sitting down all day.

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Try looking up some workout videos to follow on Youtube or even host a Zoom call with your besties to workout together!

Treat Yourself

Working continuously might get boring and tiring, you might even start getting demotivated and distracted from your work. While you’re checking everything off your to-do list, don’t forget to reward yourself once in a while.Afternoon Tea Set & Treats

We all have our own guilty pleasures. Reward yourself with some sweet treats once in a while to keep your energy up and to stay motivated. Let this be that ice cream you’ve been eyeing in your freezer or some cookies lying around in your pantry.

Jouer signature layered cakes

Take this up a notch with Jouer, we offer same day delivery and in store takeaway for our signature layered cakes and macarons. We also have an afternoon tea set if you feel like getting a good pamper. Always remember -hard work pays off!