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With a variety of starters that exude exotic flavors, our Mid-Autumn Tapas Quartet will surely stimulate your taste buds!

Jouer Catering Mid-Autumn Tapas Quartet

  • Plum Wine Chicken Roulade
  • Fu-Yue Lotus Root Chips
  • Sichuan Beef Tartare
  • Aged Vinegar Beetroot Pickles

Our Avante Garde main courses consist of an array of zesty cuisine including:

Jouer Catering Baked Crab Roe SouffleBaked Crab Roe Souffle

Jouer Catering Huadiao-Steamed Flower Crab Lotus Leaf RiceHuadiao-Steamed Flower Crab Lotus Leaf Rice

Jouer Catering Drunken Chicken Foie Gras Claypot RiceDrunken Chicken Foie Gras Claypot Rice

Jouer catering Suckling Pig with Wa-Mui Rhubarb ChutneySuckling Pig with Wa-Mui Rhubarb Chutney

Jouer Catering Crispy Ginger KaleCrispy Ginger Kale

Jouer Catering Lap Cheung Potato Gratin.Lap Cheung Potato Gratin.

Invigorate your usual taste palette with these new autumnal and warm flavors that will leave you wanting more.

What's more, you can pleasure your sweet tooth with our scrumptious dessert menu! We have fall-inspired flavored mooncakes including HK Milk Tea, Kaya and Salt, Horlicks, and more.

Jouer Catering Mooncake

Indulge in our "moon-carons" that are packed with White lotus, Custard, Mung Bean, ‘Wu-ren’ Nuts, Taro Jam, and Date Jam fillings. It’s never too late to embrace the last few moments of Autumn!

Take it up a notch with Jouer and bid farewell to Autumn with Jouer’s Mid-Autumn menu! We offer same day delivery and in-store takeaway for our signature layered cakes and macaron sets. Happy fall!

Celebrate with jouer!