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No wedding feels complete without that extra ‘oomph’ factor to it, and a wedding corner may just be the perfect solution to that. However simple it may be, a wedding corner can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Adding another element to your wedding doesn’t always come easy—it still requires a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. So before you execute your hunt of setting up a wedding corner, we have some tips that will ease the weight of planning your big day.

1. Space of the Venue and Number of Guests Should Be Considered

If your wedding venue is outdoor with a large area of space, you’ll probably want to consider having a wedding corner. Even if you’re holding your wedding indoors with a large foyer, or if you have a reception / mini wedding party before the actual wedding ceremony, it’s a nice touch to include a wedding corner to entertain and offer refreshments for guests. 

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2. How to Decorate Your Wedding Corner

It’s important to make sure that your wedding table decorations align with the theme of your wedding ceremony. Something as simple as the corner size can be such a fundamental element, but it's often overlooked. If you have a small platform for your wedding corner, it could create the illusion of an overflowing dessert bar, whereas a bigger table will offer up more space for decoration. Adding flower accents to your wedding corner will also be an elegant and classy touch to your wedding.

Table signs are also a budget friendly yet effective way to make your wedding corner stand out. This is a great chance for personalisation while ensuring that it aligns with your overall wedding theme, tying the whole venue together. If there is a specific treat on the table that holds significance to you, you could recount the “story behind this cake”. You could also include some puns that correspond with the treats on the table, such as “s'more love” or “donut know what I would do without you". These are some cute touches to add to your wedding corner that will bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

3. Choosing the Right Treats for Your Wedding Corner

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing which treats to display on your wedding corner. If you’re into a more polished and classy table, you could theme your treats to match your wedding’s colour scheme. For example, rose gold cake pops, pink bonbons or mini pink champagne glasses can create an array of fun looking desserts.

Your wedding corner isn’t limited to just your cake and traditional pick and mix sweets, you can go all out with cookies, cake pops, donuts, macarons, profiteroles, chocolates and anything else your heart desires. 

Jouer offers a wide array of sweet treats, mini pastries and macarons that you can order to spice up your wedding corner. Some popular options offered are Elderflower Apple Earl Grey Tart, Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes, Rosemary Mushroom Tartlets and much more. 

Pink Macarons and Choux Pastry Tower
Why not add an eye-catching centerpiece for the wedding corner that will spark many conversations and unforgettable memories? Jouer’s signature mini macaron tower will catch the eyes of your guests, but also be incredibly tasty to devour during the wedding ceremony. Jouer’s signature layered cakes are also a popular option to include in your wedding corner.

4. Consider a Wedding Corner Set/Catering for Easier Operations on Wedding Day

Having a larger number of guests attending means a lot more appetites to please! It is important that every guest has enough to eat, and are offered a variety of refreshment options that are both exciting and scrumptious. A room full of hungry guests will always be looking for quick and easy bites to satisfy their sweet tooth! 

To ease the stress and quicken operations, you may consider ordering one of Jouer’s Dessert Table Packages, all of which offer a variety of sweet treats that are completely customizable based on your preference and wedding theme. The packages include customizable cupcakes, cute cake pops or cake truffles, aromatic mini macarons, mini glazed eclairs and more. We provide standard packages that come in three sizes depending on how many guests you have, as well as tailored desserts for those who prefer a bespoke celebration. You can also rely on Jouer's expert team to help with the on-site table set-up.

Mini Cookie Bouquets (1)

5. Preparing Wedding Favours

Last impressions are always an important component to consider as you want your wedding to be an unforgettable fairytale. Wedding favours are the perfect element to include in your wedding corner. You can personalise your wedding favours to something special that holds significance to you and your partner. Previously, Jouer customized wedding favours for a couple that loved wine tasting, where we paired a bottle of white wine with red wine flavoured macarons for guests to take home as the perfect parting gift.

Jouer’s customizable wedding giveaway treats are popular options for wedding favours. You will be able to choose from delicate macaron gift boxes, packaged macaron pops, tea or mulled wine blend baubles and much more.

3-tiered Raspberry Fondant Wedding Cake2-3


Hopefully these tips will help provide you with more ideas on what you can do by adding a wedding corner to your wedding. Remember that it doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of fun to a formal event—one that you’ll never forget! Your wedding doesn't need to be all stuffy and serious—use these creative yet personalised ideas for your wedding and get lost in the joy of watching your loved ones enjoy delicious food while having the time of their lives in each other’s company. 

If you're intrigued to spice up your big day with a wedding corner, you can order the Wedding Catering Packing online directly. To learn more about Jouer's wedding catering and party sets, reach out to us or download the Jouer's Wedding Package PDF!
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