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Mid-Autumn Festival is a joyous Chinese tradition when family and friends reunite to celebrate under the full moon. Affectionately known as Mooncake Festival, this annual harvest festival is named after the much-loved sweet delicacy that is gifted, shared and enjoyed by many during this time.

Every year, leading up to the festival, there is much excitement about mooncakes as numerous television and billboard ads go up across the city. However, in reality, not everyone loves these traditional treats. A survey conducted by a local Hong Kong NGO showed that surprisingly, a large majority of people don’t like mooncakes. In fact, a significant portion ‘strongly dislike’ them.

Therefore, we here at Jouer wanted to continue celebrating this significant festival and honor this Chinese tradition but with a fitting and modern twist.

Jouer Mid-Autumn Gift Sets

(L: Mid-Autumn Macarons Gift Box ;R: Mid-Autumn Macarons Set + Mooncakes Gift Box)

We’ve dedicated time in developing, testing and refining a new recipe that would honor the festival traditions as well as excite modern taste buds. The result is a series of macarons in six exciting traditional Chinese flavours: white lotus, custard, mung bean, ‘wu-ren’ nuts, taro jam and date jam. As always, Jouer's ultimate goal is to titillate both your taste buds and your imagination. More importantly, we use only the finest ingredients with no added preservatives and lard to make the mooncake a health-conscious treat.

What’s more,  Jouer also offers traditional mooncake gift sets with a twist - adding new  flavors such as Hong Kong milk tea, Horlicks, dark chocolate Bourbon caramel, Kaya and salt.
Jouer Mid-Autumn Hamper_cropped
This year, Jouer is super excited to present the new Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper, which comes as a double-tiered Chinese rattan lunch basket. In the bottom tier sits our signature octagonal bamboo box filled with Mooncake-flavored Macarons; while the top tier contains Mini Mooncakes inspired by 4 of Jouer's most loved macaron flavors. Swathed in a festive gold-foiled sleeve and adorned with a yellow Dancing-doll Orchid, this unique gift set promises a tasty and tasteful Mid-Autumn celebration.